Dr Jass


With an impressive background and ceaseless passion for helping others, Dr Gentle Hands (Dr Jass) has a reputation for achieving natural looking, aesthetically pleasing results. His personalised, results-orientated approach, and attention to detail has made a lasting impact on countless patients.

Dr Jass is gentle, loves people, is open and maintains integrity for all.  He is interested, warm, intelligent and honest.  He is considered an expert in his field, after practising aesthetic medicine for over 20 years.  Building on these years of experience, he is always forward thinking and refining his treatments and techniques.  Dr Jass is meticulous in his procedures and refuses to take shortcuts.  He is always thinking of the wider picture with people, investing his knowledge, compassion and time in nurturing patients.  He has excellent business sense and knowledge, and has invested heavily in continuing medical education.

Patients are drawn to Dr Jass’s unique, generosity of spirit and his ability to recognise the inner you.

  During the consultation, Dr Jass tries to identify what’s unique to you and aligns his treatment to resonate with you, expressing yourself to be the best reflection of your inner-self, your true nature.   As a result, you’ll vibrate at a higher frequency because you are in harmony, within and without.  Through the treatment process, Dr Jass aims to make you feel comfortable with yourself, allowing you to feel joyful, naturally.

As a patient of DMA,

Dr Jass will help you identify your inner-self, your being – what you are within, and what you wish to be, to seamlessly create the bridge and connection between what is, and what is to be, to elevate you to reflect your higher self.   Once you externally project that high vibrational energy it will reflect back to you and help you rise to a level, where you can see what can be achieved, that there are no boundaries, and that you do not need to hold yourself back – enabling you to liberate yourself.  This process will help you to enhance and restore confidence.

As a person,

Dr Jass is successful, experienced, well recognised, intuitive and has an effervescent enthusiasm. His medical work is comprehensive, results-driven, and focused.  He prides himself in being innovative, creative, progressive in managing results, and has a burning desire to achieve and excel in his abilities.  He applies a holistic approach to patient care, using his caring nature to listen and communicate effectively with