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Your treatment journey with DMA

Through our treatment program we aim to help you feel good within, feel happiness, feel confidence, and to love the way you look - and deeper.  We enable you to identify and reclaim yourself, feel enhanced – to be yourself, and allow you to outwardly manifest what’s within.


To naturally look natural.

Natural Beauty

 With your best interests in mind, we only recommend what’s appropriate for you.

When defining your treatment path, we consider all aspects; symmetry, shape, size, volume, projection, definition, tone, texture, clarity, discolouration, proportion and balance.  


We complement our treatments with a holistic approach that includes diet, exercise, aesthetics, mental health and spiritual health, to facilitate results far beyond your expectations. 


We implement a sustainable treatment program that encompasses both freshening and tweaking, and structural change.

Our focus on self-esteem

Committed to Beauty and Wellness

We believe that your treatment with us goes beyond the physical aesthetic.  Self-esteem is a big focus at DMA.  Healthy self-esteem and self-confidence enables self-realisation, which leads to joyful being and happiness.  We aim to elevate, enhance, promote, project self-esteem, and allow you to let self-esteem disseminate to all aspects of your life.  This results in happy relationships, happy family, happy home and happier community.  Through building your self-esteem you can find and claim your place in the world.  We help you to identify, enhance, define and project your unique self – the genuine version of yourself.